Come join us on campus every Wednesday night for our student ministry MDWK service! The fun begins outside on the Student Courtyard at 6:30pm!

We hope you see you and all your friends for a night of fun and fellowship! 


Summer Camp 

July 19 – 24, 2021

We're extremely excited about Summer Camp 2021! As you can imagine, it's felt like YEARS since we've been to camp! But guess what... It's is right around the corner! We’re going to Jenness Park in Cold Springs, California! This incredible week at Jenness will be the greatest week of your  entire year!

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Our Mission

As a ministry, everything we do is wrapped one purpose and one purpose alone; 

Existing To Help STUDENTS Become Fully-Devoted Followers of Jesus Christ.”

From our weekly Sunday services to the special events, to our MDWK Wednesday night service that we offer, everything will be centered around students growing in likeness of our Father!